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Infinite Sci-Fi Shooter Package Review (Unity)

The Infinite Sci-Fi Shooter Package gives you insight into a product level project from DragonLi Studios in Unity! It contains an event flow task system for game events and UI events, a third person character controller with animation blending, customization options and item pickup ability. AI behavior system with an editor to give your AI agents a personal behavior. A weapon system which can be customized and extended to your preferences and an input system for Standalone, console and mobile input.

1. About the publisher

2. What can you expect

3. Content and usability

4. Tutorials and support

5. Conclusion

About the publisher :

Created and published by Dragonli Studios. Their team has been using Unity Engine for 10 years and their own developed DragonLi Framework has been used for 4 years from development to debugging, DragonLi Framework, which also can be bought separately, brings you a standardized and rational production process for your project; As the core module of the framework, DragonLi Framework Core has been tested in multiple projects, so you don’t have to worry about performance issues and save your development time for production and optimization of the game. The studio has been working with Sony Interactive Entertainment where they developed and tested their own independent program optimization solution for 4 years. For more information check out their website http://www.dragonliframework.com.

What can you expect :

The described features advertise a production ready asset  so you could expect a high quality code base and high performance on the supported platforms and some example demo scenes. So, first look at the provided features :


  • Event flow system: The task system uses a visual blueprint flow chart system, from entering the game’s menu to executing the game task you can do by simply making a node connection in the relating editor window. If you don’t like the built-in node flow chart functionality, you can create your own task processor with just a few lines of code to help you to achieve your cool game!
  • Character controller : Includes a third person shooter character controller. The controller includes animation blending and motion capture technology, walking, aiming, shooting, and squat walking are blended smoothly. Can be customized and extended to your preferences.
  • Product-level weapon system : The weapon system includes a numerical custom adjustment, a recoil simulator and a crosshair system that matches the aim, a weapon switching system, a shell control system that utilizes the object pool. In the asset there are 3 example weapons to show off this features and enable you to easily adjust or create the weapon you want.
  • Input : The template supports console, mouse and keyboard and mobile phone touch input through virtual joysticks.
  • AI behavior : The AI enemies can be constructed with a “personification behavior” which means you can customize each enemy with a different life like behavior. You can setup the enemy AI as an alone entity or as a group which can cooperate with each other in battle scenario. The enemy behavior system built into the template can help you quickly create complex product-level game AI.’personification behavior’:Monitor & Sneak Module, anthropomorphic animation system based on motion capture files, human natural behavior simulator, bunker behavior system, etc. Three standard enemy modules help you quickly enrich the game with different AI behaviors. Air Enemy & Crawling Enemies support clustering based object pools to enhance the performance.

Content and usability :

The provided example scenes in the asset package show all its features in a convenient and fun way to explore the asset and its abilities. As you first have to setup the asset you need to initialize the localization system which is great as you can setup different languages in a xml file in an easy and intuitive way and add localization options to your game. The second step is to setup the joystick controls if you want to use a gamepad controller. As the asset is a complete framework on top of unity, you need to follow certain steps to use this asset in your own game, for instance you need to start with an initialization scene or include initialization scripts into your first scene. The logo scene in the asset is the example how to accomplish this and how to use the event flow system to load a next scene.

The event flow system can be used for UI events for example to load scene or use the UI button events to use them in your UI design or as in game events for instance to open doors or spawn enemies. There are several example prefabs for the UI, enemies or the player character. The player example prefab and the documentation shows you, how to create your own character. The asset enables you to create your own third person character with a few clicks and drag and drops. You only need to attach the player controller script, setup your character with the same object hierarchy as the example prefab, attach the footstep sound effects and then you create your own weapons and you got your third person character for your own or the example game. The enemy prefabs are build in a similar way then the player prefab but there you can use the AI behavior tree to make them smart.

The behavior tree system is easy to use and you create first conditional nodes and then the specific condition which must be met to execute the behavior. You read and connect them from left to right. There are several example behavior trees like small following, exploding mechanical mosquitoes, patrolling or attacking robots with weapons and a Boss like AI behavior. Enough examples to get you going and making your own AI. The base part of the framework is distributed as a plugin dll file which is on one hand a great way to secure best performance, reliability and usability for the users as you cannot change something crucial on the asset, which you don’t understand and you might break the asset without knowing, however you can use your own customized c sharp scripts on top of the base code, for instance the playercontrols script or other additional custom scripts. As the studio has long been working with Sony Interactive Entertainment and they distribute their own program optimization solution that way, which has been tested for 4 years. Provides you an international product-level performance advantage without worrying about the reliability and performance. On the other hand you cannot learn from the base code and you don’t see how they solved certain problems like how they used different design patterns in their code base for example. But you have to decide for yourself if you want to use the asset for a product-level game or you want to use the asset to learn from it. Although it is a great way to learn from the asset as you cannot mess up the base part and you can add your own small c sharp scripts and if something doesn’t work you know where to debug the code.

All features listed briefly :

  • Localization system with xml support (GUI and in game texts)
  • Easy game initialization and setup
  • Easy playercharacter or enemy character creation (Prefabs can be cloned or customized)
  • Flow chart or blueprint based programming with the event flow system or AI behavior trees
  • Event flow system for GUI or game related events (can be used in any type of game not only TPS)
  • Customized add-on scripts can be used in the event Flow and AI behavior tree systems
  • AI behavior tree with several different examples (Guard, Fighter, Boss, etc)
  • Customizable controls for every supported platform

Tutorials and Support :

Although the asset makes it easy for you to get into it and helps you to start thinking in flow charts, there are several youtube videos to show you exactly how to use the specific system. There are seven video tutorials for the Eventflow system and three video tutorials for AI behavior trees. The video’s are easy to reproduce and to understand. They enable you to create your own game only using the this two flow chart systems. The support of an unity asset is a crucial point on your purchase decision as if you run into an issue you need someone to help you. Dragonli Studios offers a great support and you can email them directly if you have a problem here. Actually they don’t have a ticket system, so you can email them directly which might be more work for the developer but you have a direct link to them. They will respond within 24 hours during week days on your issue and are happy to help you. They already announce an update for this great asset with a first person controller, more tutorials , a weapon sandbox system, an article backpack system and more characters and AI behaviors. So stay tuned for their updates !

Conclusion :

Infinite Shooter Package is a complete framework to create your own third person shooter or other type of game. All pieces are there from the localization, input, AI behavior trees to create unique AI enemies and an event flow chart system which helps you to create in-game events or GUI related event processing like scene loading etc. You don’t need to be a software engineer to use this asset as the blueprint or flow chart system can be used and only small C sharp script must be programmed by you as the hard work is covered by the asset for you. The examples shows you how to use the asset in a specific scenario and even the example game is quiet challenging and fun to play. We are excited for their upcoming updates and hope for some new action packed example scenes.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we have recommended. While clicking these links won’t cost you any money, they will help me fund my development projects while recommending great assets!

The Infinite Sci-Fi Shooter Package gives you insight into a product level project from DragonLi Studios in Unity! It contains an event flow task system for game events and UI events, a third person character controller with animation blending, customization options and item pickup ability. AI behavior system with an editor to give your AI agents a personal behavior. A weapon system which can be customized and extended to your preferences and an input system for Standalone, console and mobile input.
  • Easy to use flow chart editors
  • Good demo scenes und tutorials
  • Nice PBR models and scene props models
  • Next generation graphics with HDRP
  • No editor GUI to create characters
Content - 10
Usability - 9.5
Support - 10
Performance - 9.5

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