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Corgi Engine Review (Unity)

Jump start your puzzle platformer or mobile jump and run game with this great unity asset! With tons of useful features, clean code, great support and constantly updated with new features and more content makes this unity asset a must have for all unity developers and jump and run fans.

The Corgi Engine jump starts your platformer game project in Unity! A precise character controller, great performance on any platform and packed with great and useful content. Create your jump and run game in weeks with a few clicks and a few lines of code ! It is chosen for the unity 2D essential pack with great examples and great support.

About the publisher :

Created and published by more mountains an asset creator many years known for high quality assets and great support. Based in Montreal, Canada which is focused on creating great gaming experiences. They worked with various popular brands. Their credo, “Whether it’s games, illustration, animation, user experience, web or mobile design, I always focus on the user and deliver the best possible solution”[1], this reflects clearly in their easy to use editor interfaces and easy to ready code base. The studio is owned by Renaud Foresie and builds on 15 years of experience in art, animation and game design. Fore more information check out their website https://moremountains.com.

What can you expect :

Chosen for the unity 2D essentials you could expect get a high quality asset and high quality code base. So, first look at the provided features :

  • A tight character controller : A non physics based complete solution with collision detection, slope handling, movement, ladders, ledge hanging and pulling, dangling, jetpack, different weapons and combo weapons, flight, time control, gliding, swimming, dash, pushing, pulling, running, crawling, looking up, down, gliding on ziplines, change between characters, and much more.
  • Filled with content : Over 30 demo levels and tutorials shows you how to use the asset. Ready to use prefabs, production ready code and handcrafted visuals.
  • Inventory Engine : Another asset pack from more mountains is included the Inventory Engine. A Complete inventory solution to create inventories, items, ammo etc only using the inspector without coding.
  • AI System : You can create complex enemy behaviors like boss, friendly AI and combining them with out coding!
  • Camera management : A complete camera management system with tons of options like camera zoom, parallax speed direction etc.
  • Dialogue engine : A basic and robust dialogue system to create unique storytelling and adding life to your npcs!
  • Mobile controls : Precise mobile controls that work on android and iOS!
  • Multiplayer : Local multiplayer to create coop or versus games super easily!

Summarizing, creating your own 2D platformer has never been this fun!

Content and usability :

The provided content and examples scenes are tremendous and easy to understand. We talk about 30 demo scenes with all features well explained and ready to use and play around with. Handcrafted visual assets and ready for production prefabs which are easily adaptable for your own preferences. For almost eery features exists an example scene well explained with in game explanations and showcases how to use the feature, for instance to change the gravity or switch the characters. There are also several scripts included which you can use in your other projects like the inventory system or the scene management with splash, loading and level selection menu or the great achievement system!

Other useful scripts and systems :

  • Includes the Inventory Engine
  • Achievement system
  • Mobile controls
  • Scene management system
  • Level progress and unlock system

Conclusion :

Corgi Engine is a complete solution to create an unique Platformer or jump and run in unity. It has all the pieces need to create life like npcs, enough features to create unique levels and the heavily documented code base helps you to get into it pretty easy. In addition the 30 examples scenes helps you to get into the features and possibilities of the asset in a fun and convenient way. The code base and performance has production ready quality and its support is outstanding. The regular updates and new features since its release shows that the publisher cares about this products. 


Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we have recommended. While clicking these links won’t cost you any money, they will help me fund my development projects while recommending great assets!

The Corgi Engine is one of the best platformer game engine asset in Unity! Filled with content, a precise character controller, great performance on any platform and packed with great and useful tutorials and content helps you to great awesome game experiences. The great support just adds to the overall already high quality impression and makes your life easier if you run in an issue. In addition the asset is continuously updated so far and almost every updated contains new features and things to discover and play around with. Summarizing with this asset you cannot do anything wrong.
  • easy to use and adaptable prefabs to create your own characters
  • tons of useful scripts with an excellent coding style
  • Updates with new content and great support
  • No network multiplayer example
Content - 10
Usability - 9.5
Code base - 9.5
Performance - 9.5

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