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Infinite Sci-Fi Shooter Package

Infinite Shooting Package is a product-level shooting game template with e event flow blueprint and AI behavior tree system. An example game is included consisting of an tutorial scene and a closed ba...

9.8 Amazing

First Person RPG Complete Game System

This free unity asset is a complete source code of the cancelled game The Fallen Chronicler. Everything that was made for the game, except the story and characters, are part of this asset. Features: ...

9.5 Amazing

Infinite Runner Engine

The Infinite Runner Engine is an easy to use solution that will enable you to create your very own endless runner game like temple run or flappy bird. It comes with several example scenes (platformer,...

Game Kit Controller (FPS/TPS)

GKC is a complete game kit which allows you to create different type of games. Including a third/first person controller with a camera view controller. You can create almost any genre: shooter, advent...

UFPS : Ultimate FPS Version 2

Opsive's UFPS: Ultimate UFPS is the ultimate solution for creating ANY type of FPS game. It is a professional, kinematic character controller designed to include the smoothest first person controls an...

9.5 Amazing

Horse Animset Pro

The Horse AnimSet HAP is an animation framework and a riding system controller for any humanoid character. A basic character controller is included and the constant updates makes this package growing ...

9 Amazing

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