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Idle Clicker Kit

Idle Clicker Kit provides a straight forward framework for the rapid development of Idle or Clicker style games.

Infinite Runner Engine

The Infinite Runner Engine is an easy to use solution that will enable you to create your very own endless runner game like temple run or flappy bird. It comes with several example scenes (platformer,...

High Road Engine

The Highroad Engine is a convenient way to create an arcade racing game. Solo, local or online multiplayer game, th asset got you covered. It supports UNET and even PUN to help you getting started you...

8 Great

Corgi Platformer Engine

The Corgi Engine jump starts your platformer game project in Unity! A precise character controller, great performance on any platform and packed with great and useful content. Create your jump and run...

10 Perfect


The most complete multiplayer collectible card game kit on the unity asset store.The asset is a great starting point to develop your own multiplayer collectible or trading card game and also a good st...

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