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Infinite Sci-Fi Shooter Package Review (Unity)

The Infinite Sci-Fi Shooter Package gives you insight into a product level project from DragonLi Studios in Unity! It contains an event flow task system for game events and UI events, a third person c...[Read More]

9.8 Amazing

Infinite Shooter Package : AI Tutorial 03

AI Behaviour Tutorial 03

Infinite Shooter Package : AI Tutorial 02

AI Behaviour Tutorial 02

Infinite Shooter Package : AI Tutorial 01

AI Behaviour Tutorial 01

Showcase DragonLi Framework : Gene Rain

Made with DragonLi Framework : Gene Rain a next-gen third person shooter for Playstation 4 with great visual effects, a linearly epanding plot and plenty of action.

Infinite Shooter Package : Tutorial 07

Event flow Tutorial 07 :Ending

Infinite Shooter Package : Tutorial 06

Event flow Tutorial 06 :Tips & Task Indicator

Infinite Shooter Package : Tutorial 05

Event flow Tutorial 05 :Spawn Enemies Part 02

Infinite Shooter Package : Tutorial 04

Event flow Tutorial 04 :Spawn Enemies Part 01

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